The Rise of the ETF Strategist

The main point of the comparison was to draw parallels between the two and compare performance from the ETF strategist tactical segment to a broader implementation group. Are there similarities in return profile, risk, etc?

Standard Deviation of Returns


While exhibiting a moderately higher volatility profile overall, risk-adjusted returns/sharpe ratios were comparable to better over the various study periods.

The mutual fund sample exhibited a more central tendency and negligible skew in the distribution curve for 2014 (standard deviation of returns and Kurtosis levels) as the ETF strategist had outliers illustrated by the curve (Exhibit 2). Removing the top and bottom 3 returns from the sequence for 2014 results in an almost identical skew and kurtosis profile.

Over the 3 and 5 year periods, ETF strategists continued to demonstrate a wider deviation in returns but with a more positive skew than the mutual fund sample group.

Mutual Funds & ETF SMAs 5-Year

Mutual Funds & ETF SMAs 2014

Mutual Funds & ETF SMAs, 3-Year  

The results support the ETF strategist group as a laudable representation of tactical strategies compared to the broader group. This was demonstrated on an absolute return basis but also on a risk-adjusted basis.

While not statistically significant in all cases, the favorable results were visually consistent over multiple time sequences (Exhibit 1), which included the 2008 recession, but also in more recent years when the integrity of the group was in question.

This result is in line with our philosophy that the significant majority of long-term strategy returns are explained by asset allocation, rather than timing or security selection. Choosing ETFs as the security selection tool lets the ETF portfolio manager pay more attention to the asset class allocation decision and overall portfolio strategy. The use of ETFs has consistently produced results that are at least equivalent, if not better, than traditional funds.



Bryan Novak is the Senior Managing Director & Portfolio Manager at Astor Investment Management, a participant in the ETF Strategist Channel.



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