Sector ETFs to Watch This Earnings Season

As investors try to shift around positions capitalize on short-term earnings moves, exchange traded funds that track the healthcare, telecom and tech sectors may outperform while the energy sector is largely expected to bring up the rear.

Goldman Sachs analysts argue that the energy sector will depress U.S. fourth-quarter earnings and pressure growth for the broader market, reports Ciara Linnane for MarketWatch.

The bank singled out the energy sector, which is expected to show a dip in operating earnings per share for 2015, its first negative turnout since Goldman kept records since 1967.

“Energy EPS has collapsed along with crude oil prices,” analysts wrote in a note.

The energy sector has been under duress as crude oil prices plunges toward $30 per barrel – West Texas Intermediate crude oil was trading around $31.4 per barrel Monday. Goldman anticipates oil will average $44 per barrel this year.

“The write-down in energy company assets has exacerbated the earnings hit from the 35% fall in Brent crude oil prices in 2015, following a 48% plunge in the commodity price in 2014,” Goldman said.