Goldman's Emerging Markets ETF Finds Rapid Success

GEM entered Monday’s trading session with over $537 million in assets under management, easily making it one of the most successful ETFs to debut last year.

Financial services stocks are over a quarter of GEM’s weight while technology and consumer staples names combine for nearly a third of the ETF’s sector weight. In terms of geography, Asia ex-Japan is GEM’s largest regional weight at nearly 72% while Latin America is just 11.3% of the ETF’s weight. That could be a positive as Latin American stocks continue to struggle.

“Unlike smaller new issuers, Goldman was able to introduce this ETF with a discounted expense ratio of 0.45% of assets annually, compared with its stated gross expense ratio of 0.76%,” according to the Journal.

At 0.45% per year, GEM’s annual fees are lower than those found on some other smart beta emerging markets ETFs.