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Innovative Tech ETF

State Street Global Advisors launched the SPDR FactSet Innovative Technology ETF (NYSEArca: XITK). The fund tracks U.S. tech companies in the most innovative segments of the technology and media sectors as defined by FactSet Research Systems. The underling index selects firms with the highest revenue growth and believes these companies are in cutting edge research, innovative produce and service development, and disruptive business models. Components are also equally weighted.

Alternative Dividend ETFs

Reality Shares expanded its line of DIVCON dividend ETFs, launching the Reality Shares DIVCON Dividend Defender ETF (BATS: DFND) and the Reality Shares DIVCON Dividend Guard ETF (BATS: GARD). DFND takes a 75% long position in large-cap U.S. companies with the highest probability of hiking dividends within a year based on their DIVCON dividend health score, while 25% of the portfolio is used to short companies with a high chance of cutting dividends. GARD follows a dynamic long/short scheme where it will be 100% long U.S. companies with the highest probability of increasing dividends when the Guard Indicator signals a strong market, or it will take a 50/50 long/short play when the Guard Indicator is weak. [A Different Type of Dividend Growth ETF ]

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