The Globalization of ETFs

One of the hallmarks of the exchange traded fund industry is the dynamic way they have been able to capture previously difficult areas for investors to get exposure to. International and alts are just a few of the areas that are now available to investors more broadly than ever.

Deborah Frame, President of Frame Global Asset Management, has been a leader in her home country of Canada in pushing the benefits of a well constructed ETF portfolio. U.S. investors previously were detached from the Canadian markets but Deborah explains how seamlessly her strategies trade between countries and how her global asset allocation approach works for investors of all geographic distributions.

Are investors focusing strictly in the U.S. missing out? Or worse, putting their capital at unnecessary risk?

Tom recently caught up Deborah to talk about her firm’s approach, the globalization of ETFs, and the benefits of a global-focused approach.

Check out their chat below!