Shaping ETF Strategies for Higher, Consistent Yields

Turbulence has reared its ugly head again after years of stable, solid equity ETF returns and investors have become concerned over where they should allocate moving forward. Fixed-income ETF investors who don’t have the capacity to accept lower yields are facing the reality of a bond market pullback, but that doesn’t mean they have nowhere to turn.

Tom recently caught up with Lucas Turton and Rob Bernstein, the CIO and Head of Business Development, respectively, at Windham Capital Management to discuss how they’re strategies are tackling these difficult new challenges.

Achieving the highest yields while being cognizant of capital preservation is a tough mandate but through a dynamic multi-asset income strategy the Windham team has been able to provide investors a vehicle to returns in a low-yield environment for bond ETFs. Preferred stocks, convertible bonds, REITs, dividend equities; these options are all ammo for investors in an uncertain time for fixed income.

What non-traditional exposures work best when, how to keep yields constant while protecting against inflation, and how to asses your risk tolerance are all topics dissected in this compelling chat.

Check out the video below!