The financial advisory community is in a complicated place. Innovations have been providing tools to better serve their clients but 2015’s return to volatility has forecasts showing low growth and low-yield, which translates to challenges in differentiation. Quantitative easing was a tide that raised all ships and as they come back down producing alpha will be the difference between survival and failure.

The bright side? Those innovations! ETFs have been popping up almost daily with increasingly refined, advanced, and ambitious approaches. The race for assets has sent expense ratios plummeting to near-zero levels, in some cases providing institutional-grade strategies at the costs of a few basis points and with the convenience of an ETF.

Tom recently spoke with Hollie Fagan, Head of Registered Investment Advisors at BlackRock, about the exciting things they are working on to help advisors thrive in an increasingly difficult environment.

Check out their conversation below!