The trend of major players entering into the ETF space isn’t going anywhere or surprising anyone. As assets under management have compounded it only makes sense that the big dogs will follow. It was surprising then how a stalwart like Goldman Sachs was on the sideline as BlackRock’s iShares unit amassed incredible amounts of assets. Then, just like that, Goldman is here – they entered the last half of 2015 with a bang – and magnetizing investor dollars.

Tom recently talked to Steve Sachs, Head of Capital Markets for Goldman Sachs, at Schwab’s IMPACT conference about their big debut. One thing is clear right off the bat: these guys are committed and aggressively positioning to meet client demand.

Steve shares his thoughts on how Goldman can offer its massive load of resources, research, and self indexing at rock-bottom ETF expense ratios. Tapping into these sophisticated plays for reasonable costs are just a part of the democratization of intelligent investing.

The investment giant is playing for keeps in the ETF marketplace.

Check out their chat below!