The proliferation of smart-beta ETFs in 2015 has been well documented here on ETF Trends and across the industry. The specific permutations are hard to keep up with as new products seemingly launch hourly, but one of the more innovative approaches to capturing fundamental, expert strategies at passive prices has been pioneered by AlphaClone.

Tom recently caught up with Maz Jadallah and Brad Bredemann, CEO and Director of Distribution, respectively, at Schwab’s IMPACT Conference to discuss how their approach to bringing elite hedge fund approaches to the common investor at inexpensive rates.

Investing in solid fundamentals that expert active managers are using has been a goal of almost all variations of smart-beta ETFs. Its led to index innovations that target specifics like momentum, quality, low volatility, and so on. AlphaClone has upended the traditional approach to honing in on these factors though by using big data from publicly filed records to assess portfolio managers capabilities and culling the winners.

Learn more about their burgeoning approach and how they’re bringing top-tier active management styles to common investors below.