Patrick William, President of VETR, sat down with us recently at the ETF Boot Camp to discuss his innovative crowd-sourced ETF and stock picking site and where he thinks the next big stage of ETF growth will go.

A little more on VETR:

After years of working on Wall Street, the VETR team was frustrated with the quality of financial information when researching their own personal investments. The reminisced of the days of online investment research where you were able to get great insight on message boards and forums, but since then message boards have gone downhill and are flooded with spam.

So they contemplated about how the internet has made research and decision making easier in other parts of our lives and how they could apply it investment research. They discussed how everyone is accustomed to using sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Zoc Doc. And then it hit them: crowd-sourced.

Patrick has 20+ years experience working with major media brands helping to build strategic partnerships, attract investors and develop untapped revenue streams.