What Volatility Has Taught Us About ETFs

At the recent Morningstar ETF Conference Tom caught up with Joel Dickson, Principle of Investment Strategy at Vanguard, to chat about how recent volatility has shaped a discussion around ETFs.

Regulations from exchanges and the SEC may be expected but Joel thinks there’s already a solution to any concerns over ETF trading that all investors can follow.

He also discusses a few baseline rules that all ETF investors should know and observe.

Joel M. Dickson, Ph.D., is a senior investment strategist and a principal in Vanguard Investment Strategy Group, where he analyzes trends and developments in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) market and provides research and commentary on related issues.

Previously, Mr. Dickson was head of the Active Quantitative Equity Group within Vanguard Equity Investment Department. Before joining Vanguard in 1996, Joel worked as a staff economist at the Federal Reserve Board. Mr. Dickson earned an A.B. from Washington University in St. Louis and a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University.

Hear Tom and Joel’s chat below!