The Incredible Growth of ETFs In 2015

YTD through end of October 2015, ETFs/ETPs listed globally have gathered net inflows of US$287.3 Bn. Equity ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows YTD with US$179.2 Bn, followed by fixed income ETFs/ETPs with US$78.7 Bn, and commodity ETFs/ETPs with US$3.2 Bn.

iShares gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows in October with US$19.2 Bn, followed by Vanguard with US$7.5 Bn, SPDR ETFs with US$3.9 Bn, PowerShares with US$1.9 Bn, Schwab ETFs with US$1.2 Bn and DB/x-trackers with US$1.0 Bn in net inflows.

YTD, iShares gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows with US$96.1 Bn, followed by Vanguard with US$66.8 Bn, DB/x-trackers with US$26.7 Bn, WisdomTree with US$19.6 Bn and Nomura AM with US$17.3 Bn in net inflows.

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