The Creativity Mandate of ETF Issuers

The ETF industry has skyrocketed from its niche days to capture more and more investment dollars. As we enter 2016 the current conditions are unclear. An October rally corrected a late-summer plunge but analysts are arguing it isn’t enough to continue pushing the market higher. China slowing down along with the commodities crash has complicated global markets. These and other hurdles have put the onus on ETF issuers to come up with innovative ways to reduce risk, generate yield, and manage volatility.

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s db-X trackers have been at or near the forefront of many ETF innovations since their launch in 2007. Their firsts have included the first European money market ETF, currency ETF, and world’s first hedge fund index ETF.

Recently at our annual ETF Boot Camp Tom caught up with Arne Noak, DAWM’s Director of Passive Asset Management, who had some great insights into the current market environment and the prerogative that drives DAWM’s ETF strategies.