Is Your ETF Portfolio's Strategy Compromised?

Volatility in markets tests all investors. From the mom and pop suburban plans all the way up to the Wall Street “gurus” an extended rout sends many fleeing investments previously viewed as indispensable. This summer put a strain on all ETF investors who had a plan in place that was challenged by the mini flash crash and subsequent volatility – did you stay the course?

Shundrawn Thomas, Head of Funds at FlexShares, has some important advice for ETF investors and money managers alike. Tom caught up with him at the Morningstar ETF Conference in Chicago recently to discuss the habits of good investors during times of market volatility.

Some questions Shundrawn raises aren’t always the easiest to look in the mirror and answer straight. Investment portfolios are constructed and then often compromised, but how?

Check out Tom and Shundrawn’s chat below!

Shundrawn A. Thomas serves as Executive Vice President, Head of Funds and Managed Accounts Group. He principally oversees the development, management and distribution of Northern Funds, Northern Institutional Funds and FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds as well as related business activities. He also oversees the Managed Accounts practice which provides investment advisory solutions to existing clients and financial intermediaries. His broad executive responsibilities involve developing long-term strategy, executing operating plans, managing client and vendor relationships and developing and retaining talented professionals.