Financial Advisor Demand Expanding the ETF Industry

The ETF industry continues to grow and add assets at historic rates and its drawing in the big financial players who up until recently stayed on the sidelines. Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) is the latest big dog who’s decided to step into the fold and, as is Goldman is wont to do, entered with a big splash announcing 6 smart-beta ETFs branded as “ActiveBeta” offering diverse exposure from here at home to emerging markets. (Goldman Enters the ETF Party)

Coming in late to the party may have some ETF investors weary, how committed are these guys? Tom recently talked to Steve Sachs, Goldman Sachs Head of Capital Markets, to find that and more out about GSAM’s ETF strategy.

Smart-beta ETFs are a defining theme of 2015 and Goldman is diving right in. What makes their smart-beta approach any better than what’s already out there?

Defining the firm as “wrapper-agnostic” Steve makes a case for why Goldman entering the space should demand every investors attention. Scalability and product quality controls are just a few reasons he gives for the case.

Check out the interview below to see how Goldman is fighting for your ETF investment dollars with innovation, attractive pricing, and more.