5 Factors Financial Advisors Should Consider for Growth in 2016 & Beyond

As 2015 comes to end, I’ve had the opportunity to learn some important lessons this year about what it takes for advisors to have a leading edge and how to guide exceptional teams.

Some of the lessons are new, based on research our firm has conducted and actions taken by the advisors we work with. Other lessons come from trends facing the industry: compensation models, technology, and intergenerational wealth transfers to name a few.

Each of the lessons serve as a roadmap as we head into 2016.

In the next few weeks set aside some time to think about your business and answer, “Where are you today?” “Where do you want to go?” and, “What needs to happen to fill the gap between the two?” Then, make a commitment to chart your course of intentional action that includes at least some of the following five topics that focus on the future success of your firm.

Iris has the 5