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Moreover, after Macau casino shares plunged an average 47% this year, short interest in the stocks have piled on, exposing the down trade to a short-term squeeze on any positive news. A short squeeze occurs when investors with heavy short positions are forced to cover, or buy back, their shorts in the event of a sudden share appreciation – short sellers are essentially being squeezed out of their short positions at a loss. Consequently, the additional buying momentum from short sellers covering their options contracts help bolster share prices even further.

However, Macau’s casinos are still suffering from a dearth of high-rollers, who have shied away from making bets as the Chinese economy weakens, the markets experienced a correction and the government cracks down on corruption.

While the week-long holiday may boost tourism over the short-term, Macau still suffers from a large gambling revenue shortfall. Year-to-date, total visitor arrivals dipped 3.2% year-over-year, with total gambling revenue down 37%.

Moreover, according to FactSet, Hong Kong-listed companies are still trading at an average 15.4 times forward earnings, or a little below their five-year average of 16.5%, which suggests that the Macau-listed company shares are more or less close to fair value even after this year’s steep decline.

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Max Chen contributed to this article.