CYB provides an actively managed approach to gain exposure to the Chinese yuan. It achieves its objective by investing in short-term, investment-grade instruments.

CNY, an exchange traded note, follows price movements between the yuan and USD. This note is open to credit risk and uses rolling, three-month currency futures contracts to provide exposure to the exchange rate of the Chinese yuan to the U.S. dollar.

FXCH maintains a deposit account denominated in Chinese renminbi, and interest earned will be used to pay expenses and any left over will be distributed to shareholders. [Violent Turn for Yuan ETFs]

For daring equities investors, Hong Kong could be the place to go bargain shopping. China H-shares-related ETFs are also showing more attractive valuations relative to the China A-shares market where the Shanghai Composite and the small-cap Shenzhen Composite are still relatively expensive, even after the correction, trading at an average price-to-earnings ratio of about 20 and 50 times, respectively. [Interested in China? H-Shares ETFs Are a Cheap Play.]

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