As the two new ETFs’ names suggest, IBMJ holds onto investment-grade municipal bonds that mature by December 2021 while IBMK includes munis that mature by December 2022. Both ETFs have an expense ratio of 0.18%.

IBMJ’s top state holdings include New York 15.3%, Florida 10.6%, Washington 10.0%, Texas 7.9%, Virginia 5%, Maryland 4.7%, Ohio 4.5%, California 4.3%, Arkansas 4.1% and Massachusetts 3.4%. Sectors include state-taxed back 35.3%, transportation 17.2%, local tax-backed 15.4%, utilities 12.1%, education 11.1% and school districts 7.9%.

IBMK’s top states include California 14.5%, Texas 11.6%, New York 10.8%, Washington 9.5%, Florida 9.2%, Ohio 7.5%, Wisconsin 6.1%, Massachusetts 4.7%, Illinois 3.9% and Utah 2.7%, Sectors include state tax-backed 36.1%, local tax-backed 16.2%, transportation 15.5%, utility 14.5%, school districts 7.6% and education 6.0%.

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Max Chen contributed to this article.