YTD through end of August 2015, ETFs/ETPs have seen net inflows of US$219.7 Bn.  Equity ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows YTD with US$139.3 Bn, followed by fixed income ETFs/ETPs with US$52.8 Bn, and commodity ETFs/ETPs with US$3.7 Bn.

Vanguard gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows in August with US$4.7 Bn, followed by DB x-trackers with US$3.4 Bn, Nomura AM with US$3.1 Bn, UBS ETFs with US$1.7 Bn and Lyxor with US$1.2 Bn in net inflows.

YTD through the end of August, iShares has gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows with US$63.4 Bn, followed by Vanguard with US$54.9 Bn, DB x-trackers with US$25.2 Bn, WisdomTree with US$21.0 Bn and Nomura AM with US$13.5 Bn in net inflows.

Deborah Fuhr is managing partner at ETFGI.