Top holdings include American Tower Corp (NYSE: AMT) 4.1%, Host Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: HST) 4.1%, Apartment Investment and Management (NYSE: AIV) 4.1%, CBRE Group (NYSE: CBG) 4.1% and Essex Property Trust (NYSE: ESS) 4.1%. Due to its equal-weight methodology, EWRE’s portfolio could lean more toward smaller companies, as opposed to a market-cap weighting methodology, which would be top heavy.

Investors have long enjoyed real estate investment exposure due to its dividend income and capital appreciation potential, according to Belden. Real estate has provided regular and above-average dividend yields to meet income needs or reinvest to bolster total returns. Additionally, since real estate rents and values typically rise with prices, the asset class may act like a hedge against inflation, and the dividend yield has historically outpaced inflation. [Yield-Generating ETFs To Play If The Fed Stands Pat]

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Max Chen contributed to this article.