In May, Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL), JETS’ largest holding, said “that it plans $6 billion in new stock buybacks and added dividends through 2017, the biggest single cash return to shareholders by an airline,” reports Jack Nicas for the Wall Street Journal.

Southwest (NYSE: LUV), the longest-tenured dividend payer among airlines, also said in May it is boosting its quarterly dividend 25% to 7.5 cents per share each quarter. Texas-based Southwest also unveiled a $1.5 billion share buyback plan. [New Airline ETF Could be a Success]

Southwest, Delta and United are the three largest holdings in JETS, combing for almost 37% of the ETF’s weight. The debuted in late April and is already home to $49.5 million in assets under management, making it one of the most successful new ETFs to launch this year. [Top New ETFs of 2015]

U.S. Global Jets ETF