It keeps happening. Leveraged bullish gold miners exchange traded funds get drubbed and on the days that those drubbings occur, traders pour into the funds.

That exact scenario played out Monday when the Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3X Shares (NYSEArca: NUGT) plunged 30.9%. Among Direxion’s triple-leveraged bull funds, only the Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares (NYSEArca: JNUG) performed worse yesterday, sliding 34.5%. [Trouble for Gold Miners ETFs is Coming]

Clearly, some traders see declines for NUGT, an ETF that has shed nearly 58% of its value in the past month, as opportunities to bottom fish or buy on the dip. The dip being one that is lengthy as NUGT has plunged 92% over the past month.

On Monday, traders added $40. 5 million to NUGT, nearly double the amount added to the next-best asset-gathering ETF sponsored by Direxion. This is not the first time this scenario has been seen and it will not be the last. Although NUGT and JNUG were pounded last Friday, traders poured a combined $56 million into the funds, according to Direxion data. None of Direxion’s triple-leveraged ETFs saw larger inflows than the $39.1 million hauled in by NUGT last Friday. Only NUGT and the Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3x Shares (NYSEArca: SPXS) took in more new cash than the $16.9 million added by JNUG. [Traders Crushed by Leveraged Miners ETFs]

Monday’s NUGT buyers are, sort of, getting lucky today as the ETF is up 5%, but trading near its lows of the day at this writing.

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