Seizing the Alternative ETF Opportunity | ETF Trends

After a multi-year run in the stock markets, advisors and investors can diversify their position with alternative investments and exchange traded funds that help diminish the risk of a significant correction in stocks.

On the upcoming ETF Trends Virtual Summit on January 20, 2016, financial advisors will be able to hear from industry experts on alternative or “alt” ETFs and their place in a diversified asset allocation plan as a way to diminish portfolio risk.

These alternative investments help investors access strategies that have lower correlation to traditional equities and fixed-income assets. Consequently, these alts strategies may zig as traditional assets zag.

“With one eye on the recovery and one eye on the monster that may surface from under their beds, investors have gotten a lot more interested in alternative investments,” Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald said. “They’ve always been there as an asset class so that’s not unexpected. But what’s new is the understanding of the role that they can play in turbulent times.”

Specifically, alts investments can provide a hedge against swings in larger markets, offer portfolio diversification benefits and provide a way to play the market when stocks are overvalued. With markets as high as they are now, more investors are beginning to take a look into alts strategies.

For instance, institutional investors and hedge funds are expected to significantly raise their allocation to alternative investment strategies ahead. According to PwC, the alternative investment industry is expected to expand fivefold to at least $13.6 trillion in the next half decade, compared to its current $2.5 trillion. [Alternative Investments, ETFs Are Increasingly Popular]