CSOP Is Working On A Currency-Hedged A-Shares ETF | ETF Trends

CSOP Asset Management has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch an currency-hedged China A-Shares exchange traded fund to mitigate the negative effects of a depreciating renminbi.

According to a recent SEC filing, CSOP Asset Management is crafting the CSOP MSCI China A International Hedged ETF, which will try to reflect the performance of the MSCI CHina A International Hedged Index. No ticker or expense ratio have been provided.

MSCI publishes the real time index level (Ticker: M7CNAIR) on Bloomberg and Reuters, updated throughout the day.

The fund will track Chinese A-Shares securities listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, targeting large- and mid-cap A-shares. Additionally, the ETF will neutralize exposure to the fluctuation of the RMB relative to the USD by selling renminbi forward contracts at the one-month forward rate.

U.S. investors can gain foreign exposure through global ETFs. However, most international stock ETFs track equities denominated in their local currencies, so the funds are exposed to currency risks – a depreciating foreign currency means that the ETF would generate a lower USD-denominated return.

However, the currency-hedged strategy helps diminish the negative impact of changes in the value of the RMB relative to the USD. Consequently, the RMB-hedged ETF could have higher returns than an equivalent non-hedged ETF when the RMB is depreciating against the USD. On the other hand, the currency-hedged ETF may underperform an unhedged version if the RMB appreciates against the USD.