“WBI’s proprietary bond model strives to reduce interest rate risk on core bond holdings in an effort to protect invested capital. The goal is to actively shorten duration to minimize loss as interest rates rise, or to lengthen duration to increase yield and potential for capital gain as interest rates decline,” according to the issuer. [A Simple Short-Term Bond ETF]

Other WBI standouts include the $142.8 million WBI Large Cap Tactical Growth Shares (NYSEArca: WBIE), an ETF that has rapidly developed a reputation for outperformance. While WBIE looks to reduce volatility and can raise cash in times of market stress, that does not mean the ETF’s managers are standing on the sidelines as U.S. stocks continue to climb to record highs. [A new way to Active ETFs]

The WBI Large Cap Tactical Yield Shares (NYSEArca: WBIG) has nearly $145 million in AUM, an ETF that offers investors exposure to, in addition to Treasurys, high-quality companies with reputations for dividend growth. [A Nifty Active ETF]

WBI Large Cap Tactical Yield Shares