BATS Global Markets Inc. is expanding its exchange traded fund listing operation as the stock-exchange operator taps New York Stock Exchange veteran Laura Morrison to head its global ETF business.

According to a recent press release, BATS appointed Laura Morrison as Senior Vice President, Global Head of Exchange-Traded Products. Morrison previously acted as NYSE’s Senior Vice President of Global Index and ETPs and has accumulated 20 years of experience at the NYSE.

“BATS is already number one in ETF trading, but hiring Laura shows our commitment to being number one in the listing of ETFs as well,” Brian King, Director of Listings at BATS Exchange, said in an email. “We believe ETFs should be looked at as its own asset class, and we are partnering with issuers now to better shape the overall market structure for ETFs.”

With Morrison’s hire, BATS is making good on a promise to expand ETF listings. Last month, BATS announced it was aggressively building its listings business for ETFs as the exchange aims to become the largest ETF listing venue within three to five years, Reuters reported.

“We’ve long held Laura in high esteem as a thought leader and we are excited she’s joining the team with the mission of making BATS the #1 global ETF listings marketplace,” Bryan Harkins, executive vice president and head of U.S. Markets, said in the press release. “Her experience, knowledge and reputation as an ETF expert underscore our commitment to being the market leader in ETF listings and remaining #1 in ETF trading.”