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RDVY, which began trading in January follows the NASDAQ Rising Dividend Achievers Index. It selects companies that have track records of boosting their payouts. To be included in the NASDAQ Rising Dividend Achievers Index, companies must have paid a dividend in the trailing twelve-month period greater than the dividend paid in the trailing twelve-month period three and five years prior. The underlying index has a 1.92% yield. [An ETF for Tech Dividend Growth]

QDF, which began trading in December 2012, focuses on quality and dividends. The fund emphasizes the quality factor, of which a company’s ability to generate free cash and dividend growth and stability are integral tenants. QDF tries to reflect the performance of the Northern Trust Quality Dividend Index, which holds high-quality income-oriented U.S. companies with a targeted overall beta similar to the Northern Trust 1250 Index. QDF’s quality emphasis implies a safer payout and more room for potential dividend growth. The ETF has a 2.7% 12-month yield. [Quality Factor Working for This Dividend ETF]

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Max Chen contributed to this article.