Conversely, the bulk of ITB’s lineup is dependent on the construction and sale of houses. Trends affecting millennials bode ill for ITB’s long-term health. Broadly speaking, millennials finding jobs with large companies will quickly learn those firms care most about compensating the CEO and the shareholders. Working in a small office teaches millennials another lesson: The proprietor does not care if his employees rent, own a home, live with mom and dad or in a car, only that the employee shows up to be exploited for what is most likely an unfair wage. [Millennials Not Helping These ETFs]

However, Wall Street should be careful with pinning ITB’s struggles on millennials. The aforementioned Census Bureau data also show home ownership in the U.S. has fallen to its lowest levels since the third quarter of 1994 and that statistic pertains to all Americans, not just millennials.

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