Living Large With a Leveraged India ETF

After being the stars of the exchange traded funds tracking BRIC nations in 2014, India ETFs are extending that momentum in 2015.

For example, the WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (NYSEArca: EPI), the largest India ETF, is higher by nearly 10% this year. India ETFs are in rally mode again Friday in anticipation of Prime MinisterNarendra Modi’s first budget.

Risk-tolerant traders can exploit the momentum in India ETFs with the Direxion Daily India Bull 3X Shares (NYSEArca: INDL), which attempts to deliver three times the daily performance of the Indus India Index. Once overlooked relative to other leveraged ETFs, INDL is shedding its anonymous status.

Up nearly 30% to start 2015, INDL has seen its assets under management tally soar 21% to $93 million since the start of December. [India ETF Adventure]

That says INDL is starting to attract its share of inflows to India ETFs and that is a positive at a time when those inflows appear poised to eclipse last year’s brisk pace. In 2014, investors allocated $2.8 billion to India ETFs and that number is already $1 billion this year, according to Morgan Stanley. [India ETFs Lead BRICs Again]