Headwinds like a stronger U.S. dollar and lower energy prices could weigh on earnings growth ahead, reports Jeremy Glaser for Morningstar.

The U.S. dollar has been appreciating against a basket of foreign currencies. Consequently, U.S. companies, notably large-caps with large international footprints, could see overseas revenue decline.

Additionally, after oil prices slipped about 50% off its high, the oil sector will see a significant cut to earnings as oil and gas producres experience a direct impact from low oil and gas prices.

“Forget about double-digit growth; we are looking at more like low- to mid-single-digit revenue growth,” according to Morninstar analyst Matt Coffina. “And I’d say a mid-single-digit rate, 4% to 6%, is much more realistic over the long run than sustained double-digit growth.

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Max Chen contributed to this article.