“I might be tempted to call it just ’IC’ or if the next three years are the same as the last for Brazil and Russia, I might in 2019!!” O’Neill said in the article.

Economists’ median estimate for growth point to a 7% expansion in China and 5.5% India, whereas Russia is expected to contract 1.8% and Brazil could grow less than 1%. Russia has been dragged down as oil prices plunged and Western sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine crippled the economy. Meanwhile, Brazil is dealing with a prominent corruption scandal involving the state-owned oil company.

“It is tough for the BRIC countries to all repeat their remarkable growth rates” of the first decade of this century, O’Neill added. “There was a lot of very powerful and fortuitous forces taking place, some of which have now gone.”


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Max Chen contributed to this article.