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ETF Trends

Forrbes had a very short article titled High Yield Grandma which offers a brief profile of a woman who has overcome a few setbacks and has a very substantial investment portfolio worth $3 million. As the clever title implies she focuses on dividend stocks.

Based on the above paragraph there is nothing too unusual about her strategy. Dividend stocks exclusively might be a little limiting in certain environments but blue chip dividend stocks diversified across many sectors is not sheer insanity. A little further in to the article it mentions that 1/3 of her portfolio is in the “dividend-friendly stocks of companies controlled by Norwegian shipping billionaire John Fredriksen.”

Fredriksen is a billionaire several times over and his companies tend to focus on energy, the transportation of energy and he also has an interest in the fishing industry.

The chart from Google Finance shows the year to date results of the companies he controls (excluding one that does not yet pay a divided so presumably Grandma does not own it). I fuzzed out the symbols for compliance reasons but if you google Fredriksen you’ll find them.

Based on how the article is written, with no mention of a selling strategy, she may have taken a colossal hit to her portfolio and if you are familiar with Fredriksen then you know one of his companies recently eliminated/suspended its dividend.

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