One Year, Three ETFs, $1B in AUM for Vident Financial

“We continue to be humbled by the success of Vident’s principles-based solutions,” said Vident CEO and cofounder Nick Stonestreet, in a statement. “We believe that this really goes to show that investors want to see that their investments are anchored to something resilient—something like time-tested principles.”

Vident’s most recent offering, the aforementioned VBND, has needed less than a month to eclipse $123 million in AUM.

VBND’s “strategy employs a systematic, rules-based, and transparent process that seeks to allocate capital among core fixed income sectors as well as high yield and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). The Strategy Index also seeks to improve exposure to bond issuers within the investment grade and high yield corporate sectors by identifying companies with stronger relative governance, leadership and creditworthiness factors. The Strategy Index is rebalanced monthly and reconstituted quarterly,” according to a statement issued last month by Vident.

Vident Core US Equity ETF

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