Grandparents: Use These ETF for the Grandkids’ College Fund

It is a fact that college costs are rising and the pace of college cost inflation far outstrips U.S. wage growth and even above-average equity market returns.

Tuition for four years at some of the most prestigious U.S. colleges and universities easily exceeds the income many working families will generate over those four years. According to Business Insider, the average four-year cost for students attending the University of Chicago, Dartmouth College and the University of Southern California is nearly $186,000.

More than ever, it is incumbent on families to start college planning and saving early. Grandparents can help and exchange traded funds can help those savvy (and generous) grandparents kick-start the grandkids’ college savings.

Per the request of some of our readers, we scoured the universe of ETFs for those funds ideal for college planning. With long-term time horizons in mind, all of the ETFs featured here share at least two traits in common. First, all have low fees. Second, all are equity-based funds.

Let’s get started with the…