Even More Monthly Dividend ETFs | ETF Trends

Now here is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: Even more exchange traded funds that deliver their dividends on a monthly basis.

Following two successful (and popular) iterations of monthly dividend ETF lists, income investors demanded that we at least attempt to construct one more of these lists. That request has been granted. [ETFs for Monthly Dividend Hunters]

Our previous examinations of monthly dividend ETFs were limited to equity-based funds, but this list features multiple asset classes, including some that have long been favorites of income investors. [More Monthly Dividend ETFs]

There is more to the monthly dividend case than merely getting 12 payouts per year as opposed to four. Although there evidence does not suggest monthly dividend ETFs yield more than their quarterly counterparts, the monthly advantage shines through via increased compounding for investors opting for dividend reinvestment. That creates return advantages for some monthly dividend ETFs over time relative to their quarterly-paying rivals.

Let’s get started with the…