More Unique ETF Sources of Yield

The evolution of the exchange traded funds industry has brought with it an increasingly wide range of options for income investors. Long gone are the days when investors were limited to straight equity-based dividend and prosaic bond funds.

ETF sponsors have also taken the concept of investing for income several steps further, by introducing products that offer investors exposure to themes they may not have thought about in the past. Multi-asset ETFs, or those ETFs that hold asset classes such as junk bonds, REITs and MLPs, are a good example.

Last year, we examined some unique ETF sources of yield and by popular demand, we are revisiting that theme with some established and some products aimed at boosting a portfolio’s income potential.

The following ETFs do not appear in order of preference or performance. Rather, the aim of this list is to highlight some ETFs that offer unique ways of generating (and boosting) income. Let’s start with the…