Of equal luminance is Deborah Fuhr, who participated in Tom’s conference and was busy introducing attendees — all of whom she seemed to know — to one another throughout the event.

That’s not surprising. Debbie, whom I’m sure you’ve seen in many Asset.tv videos, knows everyone and everything having to do with exchange-traded funds. She is a great resource for every corner of the ETF world.  And I mean “world” in both literal and figurative senses.

Want to know how ETFs are doing in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia? Ask Debbie. Want to know who’s who in ETFs, whether they’re retail, institutional or at a service provider? She knows that, too. Want to know who’s doing what and how your idea or product might fit? Debbie can provide direction.

Whether consulting, gathering data or talking about smart “bee-ta” in London or alternative “bay-ta” in New York (she admits that with all her traveling, she sometimes forgets where she is and pronounces things in a way that leads some listeners to assume she’s Canadian), Debbie provides information and insights — and makes connections — that benefit not only “connectees” directly, but everyone involved in ETFs.

So, Debbie, hats off to you.

Because of your efforts and Tom’s, the broad ETF community is brighter.