Capital Preservation and Income in One ETF

Several of WBIG’s top equity holdings have, in recent years, displayed impressive dividend growth. Waste Management (NYSE: WM), WBIG’s largest equity position at 4.4% of the fund’s weight, has boosted its dividend by more than a third over the past five years. [Dividend Growth With ETFs]

Hershey’s (NYSE: HSY) payout has nearly doubled over that period. Qualcomm’s (NasdaqGS: QCOM) dividend has nearly doubled in just the past two years. Yum’s (NYSE: YUM) dividend has more than doubled over the past five years. Those three stocks combined for over 12% of WBIG’s weight at the start of trading on Oct. 28.

There are big differences between WBIG and the usual dividend ETF, namely WBIG’s potential advantages in overtly weak markets.

“The big difference between a passive dividend ETF and us, is the traditional dividend ETF exposes you to market declines and you could lose a lot of capital,” said Schreiber. “With WBIG, you could lose a little of the upside, but we’ll preserve capital.

WBI Large Cap Tactical Yield Shares Top Holdings

Table Courtesy: WBI Investments