ETF Chart of the Day: A Controversial Region

Year to date EGPT is up nearly 43% but net down since inception in February of 2010 interestingly. One concern that should be top of mind for Egypt investors but by the looks of things perhaps it is not is what if Egypt’s hand is forced to become part of a broader coalition as President Obama says in terms of warding off the progress and proliferation of groups like ISIS.

For now Egypt has not been a major player in the Iraq/Syria/U.S. headlines, but it is worth watching in the near term especially in the face of recent break-out performance in the country’s equity market. Any instability that would potentially spillover from say neighboring Libya, or if there is a significant international incident against the current ISIS backdrop would likely not be received well in most markets in the broader region and may encourage profit taking if not outright shorts entering the market.

Market Vectors Egypt Index ETF

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