The S&P 500 careened to a 2.2% loss for July, but the selling did not stop just because the calendar turned as U.S. stocks closed lower Friday, starting August off on the same bad note on which July finished.

For much of the week, there were not a lot of places to hide. That is until Friday when 10-year Treasury yields slid 2% and gold exchange traded funds were able to erase most of the losses incurred during the first four days of the week.

All of that is to say the week brought a mixture of bright and dark spots for various ETFs. Get caught up on that action with the following big stories of the week.

Broad Market/Sector ETFs

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This Obamacare ETF continues to be a winner.

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Finally some help for downtrodden staples ETFs. [P&G Lifts Staples ETFs]

New ETFs provide a growth avenue for MSCI.

ETF performance report for July.

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