An ETF for Tech Dividend Growth

Rather, the bulk of the ETF’s financial services exposure comes by way of asset management firms and insurance providers.

While tech is viewed as a new source of dividend growth, RDVY does feature plenty of exposure to sectors that have long track records steadily increasing payouts. That includes a combined 30.7% weight to the energy and health care sectors.

Even with its energy exposure, RDVY leans toward firms that have recently begun to show signs of being durable dividend stocks. That means a tilt toward oil services and refining names over integrated oil stocks. Eight of the ETF’s nine energy holdings are either oil services or refining stocks. [Oil Services ETFs Get Some Dividend Love]

For the investor that likes safe, dependable dividends (what income investor does not?), RDVY ensures that safety by only including companies with a cash-to-debt ratio in excess of 50% and excluding those firms with a trailing 12-month payout ratio in excess of 65%.

First Trust NASDAQ Rising Dividend Achievers ETF

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