Water ETFs for Thirsty Investors | ETF Trends

As the world reviews the effects of climate change, global population growth and inadequate or aging infrastructures, investors can consider water industry-related exchange traded funds to capture potential long-term opportunities.

For example, the First Trust ISE Water ETF (NYSEArca: FIW) and PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio (NYSEArca: PHO) both track U.S. companies that derive their revenue from products that conserve and purify water.

Additionally, the Guggenheim S&P Global Water Fund (NYSEArca: CGW) and PowerShares Global Water Portfolio (NYSEArca: PIO) both track companies that are associated with global water utilities, infrastructure, equipment, instruments and materials. Both funds include heavy positions in the U.S., followed by the U.K. and France. [ETFs for World Water Day]

David Twibell, president of Custom Portfolio Group, said water investing is a good way to play a long-term trend, writes Debbie Carlson for Wealth Management. However, he believes that it will be difficult to pick out individual companies since the space is slowly developing.

Consequently, Twibell points to water ETFs as a good diversified play on the sector.

“It’s not limited to one of these water subsectors; it’s got some of everything in there,” Twibell said, describing the PHO ETF.

Twibell also reminds investors to dive into an ETF’s holdings since one ETF could be vastly different from another due to their indexing methodologies.

For instance, CGW and PIO both include a heavy focus on the utilities sector, which accounts for about 40% in each of the portfolios.