Last Friday we profiled several well-known U.S. High Yield Corporate Bond focused ETFs, due to heavier selling activity in the marketplace across a number of products accompanied with redemption activity in most cases.

Today we switch the channel to a group of lesser known ETFs that operate in the Global and/or Emerging Market High Yield Corporate Bond space, with some of these funds having symbols that are essentially derivatives of already tenured and successful ETF products from the same issuer.

Case in point, iShares rolled out GHYG (iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond, Expense Ratio 0.40%) in April of 2012, and (think “HYG”) this fund has raised about $102 million since inception. Included within GHYG are not only U.S. HY Corporate bond based holdings but securities from overseas issuers as well, as we see Commerzbank and Arcelormittal bonds among the top holdings in the basket for example.

Similarly, SPDRs launched IJNK (SPDR Barclays International High Yield Bond, Expense Ratio 0.40%) earlier this year in March, and this fund has already raised over $42 million in assets.

Market Vectors lists HYEM (Market Vectors Emerging Markets High Yield Bond, Expense Ratio 0.40%), which is now a $432 million fund with focus in the Emerging Markets space, while other funds that are likely not familiar to most investors and perhaps even a good portion of model managers include EMHY (iShares Emerging Markets High Yield Bond, Expense Ratio 0.65%), HYXU (iShares Global ex-USD High Yield Corporate Bond, Expense Ratio 0.40%), and PGHY (PowerShares Global Short Term High Yield Bond Portfolio, Expense Ratio 0.35%).