AdvisorShares, one of the largest issuers of actively managed exchange traded funds, today announced the debut of the AdvisorShares Sunrise Multi-Strategy ETF (NasdaqGM: MULT).

The new ETF is managed by San Diego-based registered investment advisor Sunrise Capital Partners. Sunrise, which has an established expertise in quantitative asset management, has been in business for 35 years.

“For nearly 35 years, we have engaged in a never-ending cycle of research and development in which we carefully study the results of our investing, question the reasons why we think those results were achieved, and test new theories of investing constantly in the search for even better risk-adjusted returns for our investors,” Sunrise said in a recent post on the AdvisorShares blog. “Markets evolve, economies change, and technology improves and thus we view every minute that Sunrise stands still as a minute in which we are potentially falling behind. We could not have survived the investment business for three decades without an ongoing commitment to getting better and improving every aspect of our investment process as opportunities arose to do so.”

MULT uses a long-short approach to provide access to several asset classes, ETFs, futures, foreign

currencies and U.S. Treasuries. MULT continually assesses over 50 global markets using a suite of diversified systems that respectively concentrate on trend following, sector rotation, momentum, and reversionary patterns, according to a statement issued by AdvisorShares.