World Cup ETFs: The Contenders

The 2014 World Cup starts today with host nation Brazil taking on Croatia. Although volume will likely be light, a victory by Brazil today could lift Brazilian equities and the corresponding exchange traded funds on Friday.

On that note, it is time to look at the ETFs tied to the countries with good to excellent chances of winning this year’s World Cup. Overall, there are 32 teams in the World Cup, 21 of which have at least one U.S.-listed country-specific exchange traded fund and we recently examined the ETFs, many of which are performing nicely, for the countries with long odds of taking home the tile. [World Cup ETFs: The Pretenders]

This is the list of the legitimate contenders and as was the case with the pretenders list, there are some valid ETF ideas here.

Just remember that when it comes to some of the Latin America offerings found here, volume could be especially sluggish on days when those nations have a World Cup match and volatility could increase the day following a loss.

Odds are courtesy of Sky Bet as of Wednesday afternoon June 11, 2014.