Tom Lydon Interviews Stadion's Brad Thompson

With exchange traded funds, investors now have the opportunity to easily and quickly get in and out of emerging markets, responding to the ever changing market environment.

ETF Trends’ Tom Lydon recently sat down with Brad Thompson, Chief Investment Officer at Stadion Money Management, to discuss overseas opportunities and how the ETF strategist is utilizing funds to navigate international markets.

“ETFs givs us the ability to be in the areas where we want to be at the time we want to be there,” Thompson said. “So we can select the markets that we want to be in; there’s Brazil, or China, or where ever it is.”

Moreover, Thompson points to the investment vehicle’s ability to allow the asset manager to quickly exit a position to avoid potential risks and volatility.

“Avoiding volatility in international and emerging markets, I think, is an opportunity that ETFs give us now,” Thompson added.

Watch the video below to see the full interview with Brad Thompson.

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