ETF Chart of the Day: Mentioning Mid-Caps

For example, top holdings in IWR are ACT (0.61%), DAL (0.57%), ALXN (0.54%), MU (0.49%), and PXD (0.48%). Some of these names should be familiar to most investors as former “Large Cap” stocks, specifically DAL and MU.

When we look at IJH’s top holdings we see a much different list, XEC (0.71%), SLG (0.66%), HSIC (0.65%), AMG (0.64%), and EQIX (0.62%), with IWR holding more than 800 stocks compared to IJH and MDY’s targets of 400. So we have seen a mix of both bullish and bearish looking short term trading activity in Mid-Caps, and what we do know is that corporate earnings season is creeping upon us especially with next week’s abbreviated July 4th trading week in mind.

iShares Russell Midcap ETF

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