With a monumental run consisting of rising trading volume, asset growth hand over fist, and simply a huge jump in investor awareness and embrace, DXJ (WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity, Expense Ratio 0.48%) is now a household name and a $10.5 billion ETF.

DXJ debuted way back in 2006, and remained in obscurity in some sense until the very end of 2012 where interest in the product (not to mention a huge price run up inside of a few months thanks to BOJ actions at the time) picked up sharply.

Now the fund is the second largest ETF in the “Japan Equities” category, behind the more tenured EWJ (iShares MSCI Japan, Expense Ratio 0.51%) which debuted in 1996, which has approximately $13.5 billion in AUM currently.

DXJ is also the second largest ETF in terms of AUM in the greater category of “Developed Asia Pacific Equity”, which of course includes products dedicated to countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and so forth.

With the success in DXJ in hand, it looks like WisdomTree did not stop at this one fund in terms of proposing other Japanese equity based, but currency hedged products to the marketplace.

The following symbols probably have not hit many institutional radars yet quite simply because these products debuted less than one month ago in early April, but the lineup consists of products designed like DXJ, but providing exposure to specific equity sectors in the Japanese market.