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VYM reflects the FTSE High Dividend Yield Index, which includes high-yielding stocks weighted by market capitalization. Top sector allocations include tech 16.2%, consumer staples 14.3% and financials 12.3%. The fund has a cheap 0.10% expense ratio and shows a 2.78% 12-month yield.

VIG tracks established, quality U.S. stocks that have raised their dividend for at least 10 consecutive years and follows a market capitalization weighted index. Top sectors include industrials 23.5%, consumer staples 23.3% and healthcare 10.6%. The ETF has a 0.10% expense ratio and a 1.88% 12-month yield. [Capturing Dividend Growth With ETFs]

SDY focuses on quality with companies that have raised their dividends every year for the past 20 straight years. The underly9ing index weights holdings by annual dividend yield. Top sectors include financials 22.1%, consumer staples 15.5% and industrials 13.6%. The ETF has a 0.35% expense ratio and a 2.21% 12-month yield.

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